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The Wild Lyons Wedding

Before we had this blog, I would find bloggers that I loved, read so many articles about what was going on in their life and just when things were starting to get good, they’d stop writing. And I’d think to myself… well that’s dumb, why can’t they just keep up with it? And the answer is life, life is what happens – you get busy with work, and taking time off for yourself and pretty soon unless it’s something you totally enjoy, then blogging sort of becomes a chore. As you might have guessed, the story of our road trip is not done.  We went many places after Yosemite and I’ll share those with all of you one day soon, I hope! The winter was simultaneously not as good and not as bad as I was hoping; I composed this healthy list of “Winter Projects” and I completed zero of them, one of which was to finish the road trip on the blog. So hopefully soon!
What we have been occupied with is our wedding, that’s right, we did it! Lyons in the Wild are officially plural! A few weeks ago we got m…

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