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Joshua Tree and the Beaver Moon

The Lyons were at it again, back among the National Parks.  Last April we received a Paperless Post invite to a wedding celebration for a dear friend, Sara. They had a courthouse ceremony with just their parents in September and a celebration with friends only this past weekend. They rented out a  cute little inn  and all of the rooms were wedding party people, which was amazing we had the whole thing to ourselves. Joshua Tree was amazing, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was like Mars meets Dr. Suess. Huge boulders were eaten away by wind, flat lands where you can picture dinosaurs and saber-tooth tigers on. The town of Joshua Tree is a funky, up and coming town. What we could compare it to was an artsy pizza place in Gainesville, FL so if you have ever been to  Satchels Pizza  imagine a whole town like that. Part junk, part art, all fun. What I loved so much about Joshua Tree was that anything goes. In three square miles, you can find, a million dollar mansion, van dwelle

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