Busy Bees and The Next Chapter

Katie and I have been packing and moving a lot of stuff to the storage unit over the past few days.

It has been pretty exhausting, as I'm sure most everyone has experienced!  

It's going to be interesting to open this thing up when we get back. Are we going to miss all of the stuff that we didn't have with us, or is traveling light going to be so liberating that all of the stuff in storage becomes over-burdening junk?  

In the meantime I have been working on another back story post about the trip to Hawaii. That one is going to be long for two reasons. The first is that it was an amazing trip, and there's a lot to share! The second reason is the explanation of why we went there, and that is a lot more difficult to explain and is quite exposing. So, between the packing and writing I have been busy! At the same time, I want to make sure that chapter is not passed over too quickly, as the implications of that trip have a profound impact on why we are planning this new approach to life!  

It will be up before the weekend, and I'll let everyone know on Facebook when it's live. 


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